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 Ristorante Amùri 


Cucina Siciliana 

Una storia di gusti 

Sicilian cuisine is considered the richest and oldest food culture in Italy. Sicilian gastronomy is the result of different cultures that have settled on the island over the past two millennia. So the Greeks brought wine, the Byzantines sweet and sour flavors, the Spaniards chocolate, corn and tomatoes and the Arabs citrus fruits, pistachio, spices and sugar. Over time, the Sicilians have put their own stamp on their imaginative cuisine and traditions are still proudly passed down from generation to generation. 

Don't come to us looking for a pasta alla bolognese or a typical lasagna, but let yourself be enriched by new dishes and flavors.

"For the richness of the plates, for variety of colors, flavors and tastes, Sicily, has no equal in the World." - New York Times

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Amùri (Siciliano) = Amore. Love. Love.

Who are we?

Massimo & Laura

Massimo grew up in the beautiful city of Ragusa, in southern Sicily. With both parents working in their own restaurants, it didn't take long for him to become interested in food and its preparation.


As a young man, he enrolled at the University of Life, traveled and worked in restaurants along the way, both in Australia and Canada.


On one of his trips he met Laura, a young, independent woman from Antwerp. After completing her university studies, she also worked in restaurants to pay for her many trips.

Together they traveled through more exotic parts of the world. They learned a lot from other cultures and were introduced to different types of food.

Eventually, Massimo and Laura settled here in Antwerp, and now they start their own restaurant: Amùri, a place where good food becomes the equivalent of deeply felt love.

Peter Rondou



Keizerstraat 73

2000 Antwerp


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